Liverpool: Carrie Supple, Marcia Saunders, Michelle Charters, Ann O’Byrne





When Journey to Justice visited Liverpool, it brought four inspirational women together. All four are dedicated to seeking justice and changing the world for the better.

Each have taken different paths, from the US Civil Rights Movement to local Liverpool activism, but they all have the same goal.

Carrie Supple

Carrie founded Journey to Justice (JtoJ), a human rights education charity, with the hope of galvanising people to change things for the better. How? By telling less told stories of ‘ordinary’ people’s action for human rights. Carrie and a team of volunteers created a travelling civil rights exhibition, multi-arts and interactive, which has visited 15 communities. JtoJ’s second major project is about economic injustice in the UK and focuses on what we can do to create a more fair society.

Listen to Carrie talk about the Journey to Justice exhibition and its impact.

Our aim is to galvanise people so they feel they can take action to change whatever it is they care about.

Carrie Supple

Marcia Heinemann Saunders

Marcia was involved with the voter registration campaign in the US Civil Rights Movement. Her story is featured in the Journey to Justice exhibition. Hear Marcia talk about the importance of the exhibition in teaching future generations.

And listen to Marcia’s words of wisdom to budding activists.

It’s a very timely exhibition because there is so much going on, both in the States and here, which relates to the issues that were being confronted at the time.

Marcia Heinemann Saunders

Michelle Charters

Michelle is a trustee of National Museums Liverpool which hosted the Journey to Justice exhibition. Watch this short clip featuring Michelle talking about the importance of people power and communities coming together to be proactive in the fight for justice.

We need to promote the good that comes out of the multi-cultural communities which makes a city so vibrant.

Michelle Charters

Ann O’Byrne

Ann O’Byrne is a Liverpool city Councillor who has been involved in activism since seeing images of the miners’ strike when she was a young girl. In this clip, she discusses how educating people through the exhibition is helping to break down barriers.

When we understand people, we accept them.

Ann O’Byrne

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