Brent, London: Human Bridges




Brent, London

At the heart of the Journey to Justice exhibition in Brent was Human Bridges, an installation of work by ten Syrian artists and curated by the inspirational artist Dima Karout.

I am … passionate about contemporary art and its potential in allowing ideas to grow, take shape in the material world, and initiate social change. My artwork reflects on the power of art in times of internal and external conflicts and explores human journeys, the evolution of identity beyond borders, belonging and the metaphor of home, migration, displacement and the relation between people and places … Human Bridges focuses on the power of art over conflict. …  Prints of the 10 artworks and texts, hung in handmade frames …  suspended in the centre of the exhibition space, symbolised the bridges built between ten Syrian artists … and the thin line of friendship that relates them.

Dima Karout

Warm thanks to Dima Karout and contributing artists Soulaf Abas, Rana Nezam, Sawsan Nourallah, Eman Lolah, Abdulla Jassem, Abdulrazzak Alsalhani, Jean Hanna, Firas Saleh and Salam Alhassan.

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