Liverpool: Over Here Zine Fest

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Over Here Zine Fest was a not-for-profit event promoting the work of zine makers, artists, writers and activists. It was organised by a group of POC (people of colour), Black and Asian working-class artists and activists in the North, whose aim is to create an alternative model of art where publishers can no longer dictate whose work is ‘good enough’.

The collective’s work draws on the long history of zines and political pamphlets made by people who have been excluded from the mainstream.

We do this to lift up new voices, encourage collaboration, reclaim our own stories, and to make information and art accessible for our communities.

Over Here Zine Fest

When Journey to Justice visited Liverpool, some of these zines were put on display in celebration of contemporary artists’ activism at the International Slavery Museum. Through their art, we can see how local activists express their beliefs and continue to fight against injustice.

An illustrated zine cover titled Over Here Zine Fest 2018, showing three fists holding a paintbrush, scissors and a pencil.
Over Here Zine Fest cover by Saffa Khan
Credit: Over Here Zine Fest and Seelena Daye

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