Lambeth, London: Ritzy Cinema Living Wage Campaign




Lambeth, London

Ritzy Cinema, owned by Picturehouse Cinemas, is one of the most successful arthouse cinemas in Britain. The campaign for a Ritzy Living Wage has been long-lasting and courageous. As the cost of living continues to rise and those in London become ever more precarious from rising rents and zero hour contracts, the campaign for a Ritzy Living Wage is as important as ever.

Ritzy Cinema Workers Strike for a Living Wage

The dude minds man! This just won’t stand.

Quote from protest placard during cinema workers’ strike

This film, made by Reel News, presents interviews from employees of the Ritzy Cinema striking against poor pay and conditions in 2014. Since the creation of this film, the London Living Wage has increased, the Ritzy Living Wage campaign continues and has been joined by other branches of the Picturehouse cinemas in Hackney and central London.

Local resident and writer Will Self supports the campaign for a Ritzy Living Wage

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