Liverpool: Sankofa Oral History Project: Michelle Charters and Michelle Peterkin-Walker





Michelle Charters and Michelle Peterkin-Walker are deeply rooted in local activism in Liverpool. They were interviewed for National Museums Liverpool’s Sankofa project, which brought together people, stories and objects documenting the city’s Black history.

Michelle Charters

Michelle is a veteran of Liverpool’s local activism. Her many years serving the local community has helped fine tune her activism.

It’s better if we can sit around the table and tackle/ discuss and constructively criticise to get to a solution because information is power. Education is critical because ignorance breeds discrimination of all kinds.

Michelle Charters

Michelle Peterkin-Walker

Liverpool-born Michelle is an independent artist and founder of Akoma Arts, which explores the culture of African and the African Diaspora culture. Michelle is involved in the Granby Community Land Trust, a resident-led movement that using green spaces, arts and culture to revitalise the community spirit.

[The movement promotes the] theme of green spaces, garden spaces [and] using plants and gardens to make your area look nice [to] help to revitalise a whole kind of energy and spirit back into the community.

Michelle Peterkin-Walker

Hear Michelle Charters talk about being a strategic activist: educating, informing and empowering others to others, rather than criticising and pointing fingers.

Listen to Michelle Chartres and Michelle Peterkin-Walker talk about their activism.

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