Tower Hamlets, London: Women Activists of East London


1880 to the present


Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Waltham Forest, London

East London has a long tradition of women leading struggles for justice. At our Tower Hamlets exhibition we featured Esther Freeman’s online exhibition, telling the stories of remarkable women in the borough’s history.

It includes women activists from 1880 till now who have stood for peace; campaigned for labour, welfare, housing, education, disability, LGBTQ+ and environmental rights; and challenged fascism, racism and violence against women and girls.

Full of striking images, informative text, learning activities and podcasts, Women Activists of East London is an important resource.

Warm thanks to Esther Freeman and Share UK.

The stories … highlight the constant and powerful force of women in East London. For over 150 years they have been fighting and winning, changing the social and political landscape. In doing so, they have innovated, overcome obstacles, showed tremendous bravery and used their femaleness to further their cause.

Esther Freeman, Women Activists of East London (Report, edition 2)

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